Phone app helps increase Realtor® safety during an open house

February 23, 2012

Push to Alert is a smart phone app that Realtors® can use to stay safe during an open house or private showing, according to Mike Saigh, co-inventor of the application.

With the touch of a button, Realtors® can send a quick alert to emergency dispatch units. “It will be your personal bodyguard anywhere you go,” said Saigh. “It’s faster than dialing 911 and it triangulates your exact location.”

Safety during an open house is often a big concern with many Realtors®. “If an agent is threatened by a stranger in the home, she can press the assault icon on her smart phone which immediately dials 911 and simultaneously locates the home address,” said Saigh. “Push to Alert automatically sends the assault notice in stealth mode.” The app has a four second countdown to allow users to cancel accidental alerts.

Saigh along with his business partner Kevin Arndt developed the app after watching the Virginia Tech stories. “As we began developing the app, we consulted with Homeland Security, the FBI, and NYPD and they endorsed it right off the bat.”

Information obtained from the app can also be shared with other smart phone users. Users will be able to view the history of alerts sent in any given area. A personal contacts feature is also available which can notify a users friends and family in an emergency situation.

“The Push to Alert app allows the Realtor® to create a mobile safety network which automatically reports the incident and exact location to everyone within a 25-mile radius that have the app,” said Saigh.

Saigh and Arndt recently began working with lock box companies to develop a new safety system for Realtors®. The lock box would be equipped with a security camera and microphone capturing pictures, video, and audio of an assailant as he walks into the home and again as he leaves.

“An add-on device embedded in the lock box will automatically activate a loud siren which could be heard by neighbors before the police arrive,” Saigh added. “This should be a part of any Realtors® safety system.”

Push to Alert is available for download in the iTunes store

About Diana Dietz, e-PRO:
Diana Dietz is the Communications Manager at the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®. Follow Diana on Twitter.
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3 Responses to Phone app helps increase Realtor® safety during an open house

  1. Michelle Bradley on February 25, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Diane, Thanks – please keep us all posted when the droid version will come out. Thanks very much!

  2. Diana Dietz on February 23, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Hi Nanci,

    I spoke with the app creator Mike Saigh and he says they are in the process of creating the app for droid users. I will keep an eye out for its release.


  3. Nanci Lorei on February 23, 2012 at 8:44 am

    The app for non-iphone users can not send alerts. They can only receive them. So -not useful for open house safety for droid users.

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