Staging is an investment, not an expense
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Many consumers spend money on detailing and regular maintenance on their cars; why not encourage them to do the same for their home? Barb Schwarz, president and CEO of, said that Realtors® need to educate sellers on why staging is important. “As Realtors®, we have to stop telling clients that staging is an expense but rather an investment toward the sale of their home,” she added.

Barb Schwarz

Schwarz recommends comparing the value of a car to the value of a home when talking with clients. “When you detail your car, the value will eventually go down. You need to detail your home – that’s where the real value is,” said Schwarz.  The international stager also recommends Realtors® encourage sellers to paint the interior before putting the house on the market. Keep the color neutral and add moveable color, like artwork, bedspreads and towels. “It gives the property a pop of color and creates a dramatic effect but the buyer knows those things will be gone when the seller moves,” added Schwarz.