Updates made to three PAR Agreements of Sale
Mike Barth
Mar 9, 2012
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The Agreement of Sale for Mobile/Manufactured Homes (ASMH), Agreement of Sale for New Construction, and Agreement of Sale for Vacant Land have all received updates to bring them in line with the formatting and language of the residential Agreement.

Changes include expanded broker blocks, updated deposit language, the addition of the new Change in Buyer’s Financial Status paragraph, and modified oil, gas and mineral rights language. The content in each of these Agreements that is specific to that specialty (for example, mobile homes) has not been changed. Samples of these forms and Guidelines for Preparation for Use for these forms can be found on the PAR website.

A second version of the Rental Application has also been released through our electronic forms vendors. The existing version of the form combined the Application with the Consumer Notice for Tenants (CNT) for ease of use when an agent is representing the owner/landlord of the property.

The second version of the form is simply the Application without the CNT, to be used in transactions when the agent is representing the tenant. The existing form will now be known as the Rental Application with Consumer Notice for Tenants (RA-CNT) while the second version will be known simply as the Rental Application (RA).

Access to Standard Forms information is now much easier through PAR’s updated website. You can find samples of all of our forms and Guidelines for Preparation for Use for 35 of our most popular forms. You can find ways to learn more about our electronic forms vendors and create your own forms binder for reference by downloading our forms catalog.

Answers to many frequently asked questions can also be found. If we haven’t answered your question there, you can submit a forms question or suggestion. Feedback from you helps to improve our forms offerings.

Paper forms will no longer be available as of July 1, 2012. You will have two options for using PAR’s forms for your transactions. The first is to access them through one of our electronic forms vendors. This option provides you with unlimited use of our forms and immediate updates when forms change. The second option is to print out copies of our forms from our website.

PAR members currently have access to all of our forms that are no longer available from our printer via our printable forms page As of July 1, all of the forms in our library will be available in this way. Between now and July, more and more forms will be added to this list. This will allow members to print them and complete them by hand.